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Interracial Couple

Women's Life Coaching

Women are wired for emotional awareness.  We have the ability to connect, understand and nurture.  Gifted with 

intuition and compassion, we know how to embrace and honor our relationships.  When our own disappointments

and pain interfere with that innate wisdom, we may feel lost and alone.  That is when we need guidance to help

transition throught the struggle, discover a new truth, and strengthen our voice.  With support and affirmation, we

can reclaim our power to trust and to love.


“Yes, I long for one thing more: to learn how to listen to the delicate vibrations of my soul, to be incorruptibly true to myself and fair to others, to find in this way the right measure of my own worth.”
— Karen Horney, M.D.

“Woman must come of age by herself – she must find her true center alone.”
— Anne Morrow Lindbergh


  • Gain Inspiration — awaken passions, motivation and new directions
  • Feedback and Guidance — within a respectful, safe, honoring environment
  • Acquire New Perspectives — overcome hurdles, discover competence, build confidence
  • Sharpen Skills — in decision making, organization, communication, problem solving
  • Heighten Conscious Awareness — of personal strengths, power and wisdom
  • Create Balance — between your personal and professional/work life; between needs of self and others





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