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Interracial Couple

Family & Marital Counseling

Understanding a unique family system is a complex and sensitive process. The family structure arises out of generations of human interactions and life experiences. All of our feelings, thoughts and behaviors represent what we have learned within that structure. When old patterns of behavior no longer fulfill our expectations, there is a need to reshape the family dynamics through empathic and effective interventions.

Working with couples, my eclectic approach includes the teachings of the top marital and relationship therapists in the field today -Hendrix, Doherty, Real, Siegel. Consciously learning new skills is how couples transform their relationships to the loving, respectful and supportive partnerships they desire.

  • Psychotherapy — for individuals, couples and families
  • Guidance — increase respect and understanding of each individual family member
  • Conflict Resolution — teaching and modeling improved skills in listening and communicating that positively impact relationships
  • Strategies — balancing the demands of work and school with the needs of family and home
  • Advocacy Skills — enhance cooperation between couples, parent & child, and outside support services
  • Self-Help Tactics — based on the family’s own awareness of its needs, goals


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