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Educational Therapy

As an Educational Therapist, I bring together all of the important helpers in your child’s life – teachers, pediatricians, psychiatrists, special education staff – and facilitate an on-going dialogue; I help you and your child make sense of the vast array of information from all of these specialists. Together we create the best possible, individualized educational plan for both school and home.

Children with learning and behavioral differences often feel “out of place” long before their difficulties are identified. Years of academic failure and social estrangement create deep psychological and emotional scars that impact the learning environment. Proper evaluation of the “whole person” is necessary to establish the appropriate remedial or behavioral programs.

  • Assessment — clarify specific issues and determine the need for psycho-educational testing, social and emotional counseling, or medical interventions
  • Liaison — facilitate communication and advocacy between child, family, school, and other professionals
  • Case Management — coordinate and synthesize information and services from multiple disciplines
  • Individualized Management — augment school interventions and address deficits in organization, study skills, self-esteem, and motivation
  • Enhance Child’s Self Esteem — building awareness of internal strengths, increasing successes and empowerment


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