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Interracial Couple


My role as therapist is one of teacher and guide. I create a compassionate environment where my clients feel safe to explore many issues, including old pains and current difficulties. Through active listening and emotional support, I honor this very personal journey and assist my clients to create healthier, more positive approaches to their life decisions. By increasing self awareness and learning new coping strategies, my clients are better able to let go of what they no longer need and grow toward possibilities. This collaborative and trusting relationship encourages healing and transformation.

I believe relationships are the core of our lives. We are constantly responding to and interacting with others. The more we understand those responsive behaviors, the deeper we understand ourselves. Then we become empowered to create a healthier balance between caring for our self and nurturing others.

As an Educational Therapist, I bring years of educational and psychological training to those with Learning Disabilities (LD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

I guide adolescents, adults and their families to better understand how they learn and process information. With new strategies and a positive perspective, self esteem grows, frustration decreases, and success becomes possible.

Relationship Issues
Women’s Life Coaching
Attention Deficit (ADHD) 

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